Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting? Here’s How To End It For Good.

Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting? Here’s How To End It For Good.

Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting? Here’s How To End It For Good.

We’ve all done it before, and it is frustrating. You get close to your goal, or you hit it even and you’re looking and feeling better. Then a vacation comes around, and we indulge in desserts, buffets, lounging on the beach, reasoning that we can treat ourselves since we have worked so hard. After returning to work, it’s busy and there is less time to exercise. Now, we are not even sure if the clothes we bought months ago will even fit. Time to go on another diet!

Sound familiar? We are all tired of yo-yo dieting, or weight cycling. Rather than only thinking about weight loss because of an important upcoming event, make it a part of your lifestyle no matter what’s going on.

Easier said than done, you’re probably thinking. It’s true, it takes time to develop new habits, so here are some ways to end yo-yo dieting for good.

No matter how busy you get, there is always time to sneak in some exercise. Even if you can only do a few minutes each day or only have time on weekends, any form of exercise is better than none at all.

Understand That Gimmicks Don’t Work

Despite what some campaigns say, there is no magic pill or supplement you can take to melt the pounds away. Some show minimal results, but they are not long-term, the long-term solution is that exercise and eating right will keep the results coming. If you complete a program that is not sustainable to suit your lifestyle, all the weight will be gained back.

Know Your Triggers

Had a bad day at work or with the kids, so you decide you deserve a cupcake to make up for it. While it may make you feel better at the moment, this type of mentality only perpetuates unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. If other triggers such as stress or relationship problems can also make you overeat, try a healthier alternative instead, such as going for a walk or a hot bath to relieve stress.

Start By Setting Small Goals for Yourself

Making a lifestyle change is not easy. Just like quitting a bad habit is hard. Implementing a lot of changes all at once can backfire even. Instead, start by setting one or two goals a week. For example, you can start by making a point to drink eight glasses of water each day. The next week add a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood five nights a week. You will start to feel better, notice a slimmer waistline, and have more energy.

Avoid Situations That Encourage Overeating

When you start your efforts, it will benefit you to remove yourself from situations where you tend to eat more than you need. Or, if you are at celebrations or parties, know that your friends are not always encouraging. Often, they say “it’s her birthday, you have to have a piece of cake”. Enlist the support of your friends, coworkers, and family to make it easier on yourself.

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