Ketogenic Diet Explained… Has Amazing Health Benefits

Ketogenic Diet Explained… Has Amazing Health Benefits

Ketogenic Diet Explained… Has Amazing Health Benefits

The ketogenic diet is pretty simple to maintain as a lifestyle. It consists of high healthy fats with protein and complex carbohydrates. It is a powerful diet lifestyle to follow because of the ability to eat anywhere if you are making proper choices. You can go to a party, you can have a cocktail, but you do have to pay attention to the quantity you have. The benefits it has to offer are amazing! It works by training your body to utilize fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are found in many super foods. Once the body has adjusted to consuming fats as energy, it utilizes excess fats that the body has accumulated and can start to cleanse additional fats that are not needed or aiding the goal of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle for energy. Therefore, the ketogenic diet teaches the body to burn fat as a form of ‘glucose’ (ketones) as it converts body fat to ketones which are used as the body’s main energy source. Remember, we are trying to burn fat, not muscle. Once this occurs, the body is said to be in a state of ketosis and begins to run on this system effortlessly to aid in the restoration of unwanted fat tissues. Therefore, the keto diet is a high fat burning diet because it gets rid of excess fat by burning it as fuel for day-to-day activities. Hence, which is why it is so heavily promoted and utilized here at New Vitality Centers and works efficiently with all of our adaptable lifestyle upgrades for a powerful effect.

One well-known benefit of the ketogenic diet is the fact that it assists individuals with diabetes and many other health issues involving the absorption and processing of glucose as accompanied by excessive carbohydrates. The keto diet enables proper energy management while sustaining glucose levels at a safe and effective level. Therefore, eliminating elevations in blood glucose levels and reducing the necessity for insulin in larger amounts – a hormone that regulates the amount of restricted glucose in the blood and is limited in patients and clients with diabetes and other insulin resistant health issues. Moreover, with the body running off of the energy of ketones created from fats, insulin production is no longer efficient and can benefit the individual from many dietary issues they previously were having. This keeps blood sugar (glucose levels) at an appropriate number for overall efficiency and counteract symptoms of diabetes and other dietary health issues.

Other than the fact of improving health in patients, the ketogenic diet offers vast number of benefits such as:

  • improving heart health
  • protecting brain functionality
  • supporting weight loss

The keto diet is also known to suppress appetite to a healthy level, so you are not tempted to continue eating more calories than necessary or crave junk foods. We have all been there before! “One more bite,” said the brain five times later. An additional effective benefit of following the ketogenic diet is the fact of attacking excess triglycerides that circulate in the bloodstream by depleting them as energy. Too many triglycerides in the bloodstream elevates the risk of heart disease and many other deadly diseases that are catalyzed by elevated fat molecules known as triglycerides in the body. What causes elevated levels of triglycerides? You guessed it, elevated simple carb consumption! This causes immediate spikes in blood sugar and decreases other key hormones such as Human-Growth-Hormone and Testosterone that drive our everyday lives. Fat is not healthy!

Here at New Vitality Centers, we utilize a blend of ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for accelerated results and a faster track to reach a state of ketosis. The program also includes lipotropic injections with ketosis testing strips to guarantee it is working. Lipotropic injections are known for its fat burning influence on the body, increasing the metabolism, and increase energy levels to supply you with steady energy levels to get your through your day with better focus and more! On top of that, a detailed program guidebook with recipes and quality ingredients to help you reach your goals. We will help encourage and guide you on this journey.

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