5 Reasons Why People Fail on the Keto Diet (Do Not Be One of Them)

5 Reasons Why People Fail on the Keto Diet (Do Not Be One of Them)

5 Reasons Why People Fail on the Keto Diet (Do not be one of them!)

Sometimes it is just plain hard even when you do everything “by the book”.  The weight just will not go away no matter how hard you try.  Keto works for many people but you must do it right.

Some common mistakes people make that keep them from reaching their goal are listed below.

#1 Rushing in without a plan.  Absolutely a high-fat, low-carb diet can make you drop 20lbs per month – or even more if you do it right.  If you are doing it right, you can regain confidence, health and lose fat. But you must prepare so you can be successful, or you can end up worse than before.  You must have a plan.  Cravings will come.  What are you going to do?  Although cravings come in waves, know what healthy snacks you will eat and have them on hand.  Know what sweet substitutes you should eat.  Your health is the number one priority, so go in with a plan.

#2 Not getting enough vitamins and nutrients.  It is important to get enough vitamin B.  B vitamins are found mostly in whole grains.  If you do not get them, you will feel tired which lowers your energy and slows down weight loss.  You can get B vitamins from a lot of keto-friendly foods such as meats, eggs, dairy products, seeds and nuts, and dark leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli.  To help in the process New Vitality Centers offers and includes lipotropic injections with your program to help with fat burning as well as B12 injections.  These can boost your B vitamins and your energy levels.

#3 Eating too many carbs.  Most people fail because they eat too many carbs and do not even realize it.  When you are in ketosis which is a metabolic state that your body burns fat for energy instead of glucose, carbs must be cut down drastically.  Only about 5% of your total calories should come from carbs such as fruits.  Most people do not realize how many carbs are in daily foods.  Consider using an app or even a simple log you can make yourself to chart everything that goes into your mouth.

After all, you are the only one that has control over what goes in your mouth!

#4 Eating too much protein.  Yes, you are supposed to eat protein on the keto diet.  But too much is going to cause you to lose weight at a slower pace.  When you digest protein, a small amount is converted to glucose (sugar) which is a carb.  Keto is not a free for all on protein.  Do not fall into the trap of eating as much bacon as you want.  Bring in the nut butters, olive oil, and avocados to your diet.  Make sure you have some healthy fat every day on your plate.

#5 Not eating enough fiber.  This can be a little challenging for some because keto focuses on low carb eating so it’s normal not to eat as much fiber as before.  There is a lot of fiber in fruits and whole grains, but you must track it on keto.  Fiber helps regulate hunger and helps you feel full.  It can also provide you with energy.  You may want to consider a fiber supplement and New Vitality Centers recommends eating vegetables dark in color.

#6 Not incorporating intermittent fasting.  Intermittent fasting has been used for many decades.  It is a proven way to change your metabolism and lose weight.  New Vitality Centers uses a combination of keto diet along with intermittent fasting to get the weight off.  This combination helps you burn off unwanted fat, get control of our appetite, stoop craving unhealthy foods, feel healthier and look better!  It may sound hard but there are many forms of intermittent fasting.  It is not as hard as it seems.  Remember if your dinner is at 6:00 pm by 6:00 am, you have already fasted 12 hours.  Go a few more to 10:00 and you are at 16 hours of fasting.

You can do it!  But you must have a plan and stay ahead of your hunger.  Remember hunger comes in waves. When we do not have a plan, that is when we grab unhealthy snacks which we regret later.  You will have many other benefits too.  Healthy protein, fat, and fiber help you sleep better, decreases sugar cravings, and the constant snacking.


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