Bioidential Hormone Replacement (BHRT) - Men Only

What is it? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is different than other mainstream hormone therapies because bioidentical hormones are the same in chemical structure as the hormones made by the human body. Because every man’s exact level of testosterone is different, a doctor can determine the right level of hormones for each individual. Pellet Therapy uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormone levels. Patients have found that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is extremely effective. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. Unlike typical oral and transdermal forms of therapy – which produce “roller coaster” hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient – BHRT, is the only method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day, for up to 4 to 6 months, without and “roller coaster” effect. Because the hormone used are completely natural, Pellet Therapy is ideal for patients wanting the benefits of a natural hormone, without the drawbacks of a synthetic.

Hair Restoration Men & Women

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a cutting-edge therapy that helps regenerate hair growth. This uses your body’s own natural components for restoration of dormant follicles and is an alternative to surgery. PRP has many growth factors acquired from your own blood to activate cells in the body for healing and regenerating new growth and better blood flow. Watch this video from ABCNews for more information.

Anti-Aging Peptide Therapy

Peptides are derived from amino acids and they help with many functions of the body. These groups of amino acids help control virtually every major function in the body. They build proteins, cellular transportation, enzymes, hormones, and structural foundations that hold us together. They are often called the “building blocks of protein”. Peptide therapy is all about boosting the functionality of these peptides and filling in deficiencies.

IV Therapy - Vitality Drips for Men & Women

Our customized IV therapies give your body what it needs and much quicker than oral supplements. There are many conditions that can be improved from IV therapy and we offer individualized dosing and ingredients to meet your needs.

IV therapy can be used to enhance and optimize your overall well-being. Each is designed to help your body prevent aging and restore damage. IV therapy can aid in weight loss, immunity, detox, muscle recovery, and can aid in brain function.

These therapies include a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, micronutrients, amino acids, and more.

Vitamin Booster Injections for Men & Women

GOOD LOOKS - Biotin and Folic Acid for cellular production to increase vibrancy in hair, skin, and nails.
VITALITY - Glutathione being the miracle molecule can aid in slowing the aging process.
ENERGY - CoQ10 to increase ATP production giving your more energy.
LIPO - Custom weight loss blend with MIC, amino acids, and vitamins to help lose fat and gain muscle as well as enhance mood.
BRAIN - This mix of amino acids and vitamins can improve memory, focus, mood and mental performance.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Men Only

If you are suffering from ED, there are options. ED has many causes such as age, poor blood flow to the penis, hormonal imbalance (androgen) levels, chronic illness, psychological state, stress and fatigue are contributing conditions that can cause ED.

In males, testosterone plays an important role in allowing them the ability to produce an erection. Diminished testosterone levels can reduce sexual drive (male libido), which in turn can impact the ability to maintain and sustain an erection.

Our professionals evaluate your individual needs and tailors a treatment plan to meet those needs.

Skin Rejuvenation for Men & Women


This is a great innovation in aesthetics for the treatment of fine lines. Not only does this therapy help treat fine lines but helps improve the skin’s texture, tone and color. This therapy also helps with treating acne scars. The treatment involves a controlled micro injury to the skin which results in the breakdown of unwanted pigment along with stimulating collagen and elastin production. A minimum of 3 initial treatments is recommended for achieving optimal results.

You’ve probably seen photos of a celebrity or influencer’s face covered with blood splatter. No, it’s not Halloween makeup, it’s actually one of the latest treatment trends in skin care, also known as “vampire facial.” Celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West and Bar
Refaeli, are fans of the facial, which might look quite scary, but boasts big-time results.

The treatment is a combination of a microdermabrasion, followed by the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), The PRP is derived from the serum portion of the blood, which contains platelets. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors, which, when applied to the skin, will stimulate cell turnover.

In laymen’s terms: It’s a facial that essentially uses, “your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells”. This facial is used<br>to make skin smoother, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Clean Start Weight Loss

The Clean Start Weight Loss combination ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting is the gold standard for fat loss and improved health. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Fat loss without the “starvation” feeling
  • No repetitive drops in metabolism that can lead to repeated plateaus and yo-yo effect
  • The combination of the two has been proven more effective at weight loss than the standard low-fat, calorie-restricted diet
  • Unlike glucose (the body’s preferred fuel), ketones are clean-burning and don’t result in the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) that lead to oxidative stress and damage to DNA, proteins, and more
  • The body gets true nutrition through whole food sources
  • Multiple studies have shown keto and IF to be safe for many different populations, including children, the elderly, and diabetics, and even those with heart disease, who are usually counseled to avoid fat consumption
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