Look Like Your Younger Self Again with PRP Microneedling

Look Like Your Younger Self Again with PRP Microneedling

Look Like Your Younger Self Again with PRP Microneedling

Regular facials are a great way to keep your skin feeling healthy and looking flawless! With all of the negative effects caused by aging, sun exposure, and even poor air quality, sometimes we just need some help in the skin department.

What if we told you your skin could look better than ever by simply using your own blood?

Sounds crazy right? But it is a proven fact!

Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma is an amazing procedure for skin rejuvenation and scar tissue removal. Because of the needle depths used, this procedure is most comfortably done with the use of a topical numbing agent, which unfortunately cannot be used during pregnancy. With application of the numbing cream, this procedure is very tolerable and generally painless!

Here’s The Process:

Your medical professional will perform microneedling first after numbing your face. From there, they will take a minimal sample of your blood which will be placed into a centrifuge. You have 11 minutes to draw, spin, and use the PRP so this process is quick and effective! Once your blood is placed into a centrifuge, that is where the spinning motion will separate your platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, from your red blood cells.

The tiny microneedles stimulate blood flow to your face along with triggering your body’s natural healing response, which means your body will increase collagen production in your face in order to “heal” from the pricks of the needle. When your PRP is added in, it works alongside the microneedling process to significantly improve your skin’s texture, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, and give you a serious boost of self-confidence and youthfulness for weeks and even months after the fact.

Who Can Perform a PRP Facial?

Since the PRP facial requires blood drawing in order to take place, typical estheticians are not certified to administer the treatment as they don’t have access to the necessary equipment or training. Only medical professionals are able to carry out these kinds of facials, so you know you’ll be in capable hands each and every time.


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