Why is Testosterone Important for Men?

Why is Testosterone Important for Men?

Do you know why testosterone is important in a man’s body?

Testosterone’s function is to build and maintain a healthy body.  Through gene expression, it elevates everything good in your body and lowers everything bad.  The question is:  what’s a normal testosterone level? Is your level low?  It’s certainly easy to check with a simple blood test.  Testosterone is “what makes men – men”.  It gives them their deep voices, facial, and body hair.  It helps them develop and maintain muscle mass.  As men age, at 30 years old, testosterone decreases by approximately 3 percent a year.  Testosterone levels and production of sperm gradually become lower.  As this happens, men experience physical and psychological symptoms that take the zest out of their life and well-being.  This is directly related to andropause and the symptoms are more gradual than when women experience menopause.  Unfortunately, these symptoms are negative low testosterone long term effects.  Because it can affect so many things, which is why it’s important to keep healthy testosterone levels for males.

Why deal with these symptoms when BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) can bring you back into a natural balance of hormone levels and restore your quality of life and well-being? There are so many benefits of increased testosterone.

But what are signs of low testosterone?


  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Memory Loss
  • Decreased Strength
  • Loss of Muscle mass
  • Low Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Weight Gain
  • Low Testosterone Fatigue and Difficulty Concentrating
  • Low Testosterone Headache
  • Moodiness and irritability


And what is BHRT? It is all natural and plant-based.  The hormones used are bioidentical to the hormones produced by the body.  They are comprised of the highest quality ingredients and do not contain any artificial components.  It is the most effective delivery method available allowing patients to receive a steady flow of hormones 24/7.  Patients receive a precise, personalized, optimal dosage of the hormones they need, exactly when they need them.  This avoids the rollercoaster of the high ups and downs.  Because of this, you don’t have to worry about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy side effects. A synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone and other synthetic hormones are more bothersome than the issue being treated as the body has more difficulty absorbing them.

A common myth is that it is all about the bedroom, it is not.  Although is can help with erectile dysfunction and low libido, there are many other reasons to optimize your testosterone and get back to your normal free testosterone level.

At your appointment with New Vitality Centers, your bioidentical hormone providers will review your labs and dose accordingly to your unique needs.  A variety of labs are drawn about a week in advance.  Although the actual TRT pellets procedure only takes a few minutes, your provider will review your overall health and concerns along with your labs.  A mild local anesthetic is applied, then the hormone pellets are inserted painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip area.  After the insertion, a steady, low dose of natural hormones flow directly into the blood stream whenever the body needs it. Most patients only have the procedure 3 times a year.  The easy procedure is one of the many benefits of testosterone pellets for males.

New Vitality Centers model for BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) helps gain back the control of your life and overall well-being.  No need to search “bio identical hormone replacement therapy near me”.  Simply contact New Vitality Centers to take the first steps toward felling like yourself again!

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