MoreNova: Advanced Treatment for  Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

MoreNova: Advanced Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

MoreNova: Advanced Treatment for

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction is a frustrating condition and common as we age. Due to decreased blood flow, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), frequently gets worse overtime. 76 percent of men over 50 are reported to have mild, moderate, or even severe ED. New Vitality Centers understands your frustration when dealing with ED and offers an effective solution and treatment plan designed to improve this condition.

Linear Wave Therapy is a game changer when it comes to dealing with ED. It is an effective solution and treatment approach for all patients with this condition. Linear Shockwave Therapy is distinct from other ED treatments in that it revives the erectile system to allow for spontaneous or natural erections by restoring new blood flow. It is 80% effective for mild to moderate ED and increases the growth of new blood vessels. Using the same technology as lithotripsy linear waves, MoreNova Dual Linear Shockwaves for Erectile Dysfunction creates new blood vessels to improve blood flow. In comparison to other wave machines, including acoustic wave treatment, it performs better and is far more effective.

There are two types of therapy designed as shockwave. One is Focused Linear Shockwave Therapy and Two is Acoustic Wave Therapy are the two main methods of shockwave-based therapy.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a complicated procedure and treatment option. Continuous oscillations produced by acoustic wave therapy push like a massage on the penis’s surface. Blood flow increases, the skin heats up, gets red, and the treated region may experience moderate inflammation. Because of the surface-level response and pain they feel during treatment, men may first believe the therapy successfully resolves their ED. However, the interior of the penis, the area which needs ED treatment, is not reached by acoustic waves.

MoreNova Linear Wave Therapy is an advanced and effective treatment option producing much better results. MoreNova Linear Wave therapy sends pulses that converge at a focused point on the penis. The effect occurs at the cellular level, inside the tissue. There is no pain or discomfort during or after treatment. A course of treatment consists of six 15-minute sessions in our office over a few weeks. Treatments are adjusted to optimize the effectiveness in each patient. This treatment improves blood flow and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels inside the penis, effectively treating the patient’s erectile dysfunction.

MoreNova Linear Wave treatment helps a wide range of patients across the spectrum of ED, from mild to severe. Some of these include patients who have not seen success with pharmaceutical medications, patients that have suffered from side effects from other ED treatments, patients with diabetes, and patients with Peyronie’s disease.

What happens at my appointment?

There are major advantages to MoreNova Linear Wave Therapy. Some of these advantages include it being non-invasive and free from anesthesia, it’s a short protocol and painless treatment, and no recovery time is needed. The treatment is done in a comfortable setting for the seated patient and there is no need for assistance during the procedure. It allows for complete privacy.  Also, the treatment provides complete coverage of the treated area with dual applicators.

New Vitality Centers welcomes all patients including those dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and offers many other services including:

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