Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle, we hear this word often and time and time again throughout our lives. Lifestyle is important for all areas of health and may positively impact overall health if you can make the right choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In modern medicine, we frequently seek a quick fix for any ailments, aches or pains, sickness, etc. We resort to taking medication when we are ill. We take a medication when we are in agony. We take a medication for ED. The issue is that real healthcare is frequently much more complicated and involved than that. The elements that can affect our health may not be dangerous on their own, but when they are combined and compounded over time, this magnified effect can reach a breaking point and result in some serious medical conditions.

Managing ED is similar and is no different. Our penis and its capacity to function suffer from all of the minor pressures that we subject our bodies to. When we are abused excessively, our bodies send signs that they are ready to give up. We constantly abuse our bodies from what we eat and drink and even they type of rest and sleep we get.  The restoration and maintenance of a healthy penis can be aided by an all-encompassing and holistic lifestyle approach to treating ED.

Obesity and being overweight directly impact erectile dysfunction. You may not realize it at first but as the weight starts to build and you gain weight it corelates with insulin resistance even if you are not diabetic. Lower insulin equals lower Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body as it is a stimulator of NO production. Nitric Oxide is directly involved in the process of an erection. Weight loss whether through diet and exercise is important to your ED.

Exercise. One word that has many different reactions to some and can have a love/hate relationship with others. It is often taken for granted but it can be one of the most important lifestyle changes for your health. According to a recent study that was in the Journal of Impotence Research, exercise via whole body exercise and penile exercise is the most important lifestyle factor influencing erectile dysfunction.

Smoking and Alcohol. Quit smoking today. Smoking, a bad lifestyle habit, not only causes lung cancer but decreases Nitric Oxide (NO) production which is important for erections. Numerous studies have shown smoking and second-hand smoke cause cardiovascular disease and negatively impact your overall health. Smoking and excessive alcohol are a toxic combination for your ED health. Alcohol is fine in mild and moderate consumption just not excessive intakes. Small amounts of alcohol actually help our ED. So next time at dinner go for that glass of wine, just keep it light, as too much will decrease performance.

Stress kills. We’ve all heard that phrase countless times. It’s the silent killer that is taken for granted and is difficult for most to cope with. There are many ways to deal with and manage your stress. Finding the right way that works for you is key and important to your ED. Stress can directly kill an erection because it creates adrenaline. Stress is complex and encompasses many physical and psychological interactions which creates our fight or flight response. Manage your stress to the best of your ability and find what works best for you.

Testosterone directly impacts ED health. Low testosterone levels have a negative impact on erectile dysfunction. Some of the symptoms for low T are lack of energy, low sex drive, overweight, depression, etc. This male hormone gives us the drive to challenge, innovate, discover, and conquer. So does the capacity for and desire for sexual activity. Avoid the temptation to visit your nutrition store and attempt to resolve this on your own. It can be dangerous for your health trying to change your hormones without medical supervision.

New Vitality Centers works with many patients in a physician supervised medical setting and will directly resolve this issue through our advanced treatment options such as testosterone replacement therapy.

New Vitality Centers welcomes all patients including those dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and offers many other services including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), PRP Micro-Needling Skin Treatments, PRP Hair Restoration, Medical Weight Loss, Erectile Dysfunction, IV Nutrient Drips, and Botox. Our goal is to improve your overall health, confidence, and quality of life. When you walk into our clinic, you’ll find a comfortable, casual setting and a caring staff of licensed physicians and medical professionals.

Our goal is to improve your overall health, confidence, and quality of life. When you walk into our clinic, you’ll find a comfortable, casual setting and a caring staff of licensed physicians and medical professionals.

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