PRP Microneedling FAQs

FAQ’s PRP Micro-needling Facials

What is PRP Micro-needling?

PRP stand for Platelet Rich Plasma. The patient’s blood is taken and entered in a centrifuge, separating the plasma from the red and white blood cells. The remaining plasma contains high volumes of platelets, which are part of the blood responsible for “growth factors”. After the microneedling process the plasma in then put on the skin.

Why is PRP Microneedling sometimes called a “Vampire Facial”?

It became known as a “vampire facial” when social media icons such as Kim Kardashian posted photos of themselves with shocking amounts of red blood on their face. Since the red portion of the blood is not used that is not a accurate image of the procedure.

What skin conditions does PRP Micro-needling treat?

It is ideal for removing lines and wrinkles, as well as filling in lines that have developed around the mouth or eyes. It aids in stimulating collagen and elastin leaving patients with plumper faces and brighter skin. It also helps improve skin tone, scars, and dark spots.

Does PRP Micro-needling hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the areas to be treated to make the procedure more comfortable. It is not painful however there may be mild discomfort.

How does PRP Micro-needling work?

Fine, sterile needles are used in the SkinPen to create a series of tiny piercings in the skin. This allows the PRP to reach deeper below the skin. Through this process skin is stimulated, increasing levels of collagen and elastin, and leaving patients with a smoother, fuller- looking face.

How long does PRP Micro-needling last?

On average, patients see immediate results quickly, visible improvements after 2-3 weeks. After 4–6 weeks, a marked improvement should be able to be seen. Unlike micro-needling without PRP which last about 30-60 days, micro-needling with PRP can last up to 18 months.

How many PRP Micro-needling treatments should I have?

Researchers have found that most patients who get results have 3 or more treatments depending on what you are trying to accomplish. It all depends on your body’s unique cellular turnover rate, your age, and how you’ve treated your skin in the past. Most people need between three and six treatments to get the results they want. For younger people, one to two treatments are often enough.

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