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2022 Newsletters

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We’re in the news! – Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle…

2021 Newsletters

October 2021 – Your Health Is Our Priority

July 2021 – Coming Soon

June 2021 – We Can Age Better.

May 2021 – Men lose testosterone at the rate of 3 % a year beginning at 30!

April 2021 – Rejuvenate

March 2021 – Are Your Testosterone Levels Balanced

Feburary 2021 – Here’s To New Beginnings

January 2020 – New Year, New You.

2020 Newsletters

January 2020 – Happy New Year From New Vitality Center For Men.

March 2020 – CoronaVirus Update

April 2020 – Stay Strong and Healthy.

May 2020 – NOW More Than Ever We Need Our Vitality!

June 2020 – MEN – Do YOU have any of these 11 symptoms?

July 2020 – New Location for New Vitality Center for Men!

July 2020 – New Vampire Facials

August 2020 – Microneedling with PRP

September 2020 – How is your Hormone Health?

October 2020 – BHRT Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

October 2020 – Rejuvenate and Regenerate from the Inside Out

2019 Newsletters

November 2019 – Regenerative Hair Restoration is it for You?

October 2019 – New CBD Products

September 2019 – Meet our new doctor.

August 2019 – Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn back time and fell like we were in our 20’s and 30’s?

July 2019 – Are you on ‘pause’ because of “Andropause”?

June 2019 – Get that feeling again.

May 2019 – Testosterone Treatment

April 2019 – Rediscover You

March 2019 – BHRT is the only method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels.

February 2019 – What is BHRT? and our February Special.

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